Fornino Park Slope's Carryout Shop Likely to Open Tomorrow

Fornino's clam pie.
Fornino's clam pie.

Flo Fab has a write-up of Fornino Park Slope's new carryout shop, Fornino at Home, in this week's New York Times food section. A call to the restaurant yields the information that the shop is almost ready and is likely to open tomorrow. It will sell Fornino's pizza-centric menu to-go, as well as sausages and sauces for home kitchens.

Meanwhile, Fornino doesn't fare too well in the most recent Time Out, as Jay Cheshes declares the super-thin grilled pizza crust "lackluster." I didn't love it -- the crust is so thin and brittle it's hardly there, much like Pulino's -- but found it less objectionable than Cheshes. In any case, owner/chef Michael Ayoub will soon have more competition in the neighborhood when Roman pizza joint Campo de' Fiori opens next week.

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