Four Loko Ban Screws Small Moonshot '69 Producer; Introducing Beer for Dogs

The ban on caffeinated alcoholic beverages has devastated the one-person company that makes Moonshot '69, a caffeinated beer. The company's founder has called the ban "Prohibition in 2010." [NY Times]

CultureFix and Panda, both on the Lower East Side, are among a crop of bars that double as art galleries. [NY Times]

A top French diplomat in Hong Kong and Macau has been suspended from duty after being caught stealing two expensive bottles of wine. [AFP]

People with allergies to wine because of the sulfites can rejoice. Scientists have identified glycoproteins as the cause, and are working toward how to remove them. [MSNBC]

Britain will raise the tax on strong beer, as part of a public health strategy. Weaker beers, in turn, will be cheaper. [Reuters]

Meanwhile, Russia is looking to hike the minimum price on vodka by 10 percent in January in an effort to curb heavy drinking. [Reuters]

Dogfish Head Brewery and Grain Surfboards have teamed up to produce a surfboard-flavored beer. GrainToGlass will be flavored with cedar from the surf workshop. [SurfLine]

A brewery in Holland has created a beer for dogs. Dog Beer is made from beef extract and malt, and is alcohol-free. [NewsTime]

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