From the Annals of Procrastination: Dunkin' Donuts Invites You to Create Its Next Doughnut

This thing won someone $12,000.
This thing won someone $12,000.

Looking for an easy and potentially lucrative way to waste time at work? Dunkin' Donuts can help. It's just announced its second-annual contest to create its next doughnut.

The contest website invites you to create your own doughnut from stock shapes, fillings, toppings, flavors, and doughs. Despite the limitations on creativity, it's all too possible to lose an hour of one's life debating the merits of French crueller versus blueberry cake dough and rainbow versus chocolate sprinkles.

Last year's contest winner was a toffee-sour cream concoction dreamed up by a guy from Hoover, Ala., who was rewarded with $12,000 for his procrastinatory ministrations.

[Via the Chicago Tribune]

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