Garlic Bread and Pickles 'It' Foods of the Moment; Campbell's Soups in Canada Tied to Terrorism

A new study suggests that paying for groceries with cash incites people to buy healthier foods. Because paying with cash is more "painful." [Telegraph]

The European Commission has opted to ban food derived from cloned animals, but not their offspring, because they are so difficult to trace. [Telegraph]

The pickle is the latest "it" food, apparently, most recently celebrated at New York's 10th annual Pickle Day festival at the NY Food Museum. [Wall Street Journal]

But wait. Garlic bread is also a newly trendy food, having made a comeback in new restaurants like Ça Va and Lavo. [Wall Street Journal]

There are already 285 school gardens in New York, not counting Edible Schoolyard, a new garden that has state-of-the-art greenhouses, professional staff, and big plans. [City Room/NY Times]

Campbell's new halal soup line in Canada has angered Pamela Geller ("Ground Zero mosque" lady) because she says the products are certified by a group tied to terrorism. [Washington Post]

A Florida produce company has bred a new kind of celery that is red but tastes and crunches just like the regular green kind. [Yahoo! News]

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