Gary Vee Flying High with Virgin America; White Dog Has Its Day

Gary Vaynerchuk designed Virgin America's new in-flight wine program, and his Wine Library TV show is slated to be aired during flights. In addition, an in-flight wine tasting with the online wine personality is planned for the summer in First Class. [PR Newswire]

White dog, or unaged whiskey, is all the rage these days. The clear grain distillate is untouched by oak, which gives whiskey much of its taste and color. [NY Times]

Bud Light, owned by Anheuser-Busch InBev NV, will take over from Coors Light, brewed by MillerCoors, as the official sponsor of the NFL starting in 2011. [Wall Street Journal]

Cava must be made using the traditional sparkling-wine method, like Champagne, although the grapes are different from those used in French bubbly. [NY Times]

The Wine Institute presented Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi with its annual leadership award during its Washington Week lobbying visit. [BizJournals]

A blackmailer threatened to poison the vines of Romanée-Conti, one of the world's most expensive wines, if the Burgundian producer didn't pay out 1 million euros. [Telegraph]

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