Giada Denies John Mayer Hookup; People Still Pissed at Cash-Only Restos

Even Peter Meehan has experienced foodie righteousness gone mad: "What I'm worried about is that as the food thing gets trendier and trendier, at some point the know-it-alls will scare off the casually interested. Maybe even their fellow foot soldiers. Is that sustainable?" [T Magazine]

The Gramercy Tavern's new fall vegetable tasting menu isn't meant to attract vegetarians. Rather, it's a "celebration of vegetables.'' [NY Times]

After a tabloid reported that Giada De Laurentiis and John Mayer hooked up, the Food Network star posted a denial on her website. [CBS News]

Wendy's has replaced its french fries with a skin-on "natural-cut" version seasoned with sea salt, again meant to evoke "natural." [Nation's Restaurant News]

People are still surprised -- and pissed -- that restaurants like Roberta's don't accept credit cards, even though dinner can cost well into the hundreds of dollars. [NY Post]

Recession-weary families with kids are returning to restaurants after a three-year stretch of pulling back from dining out. [Nation's Restaurant News]

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