Give Manners the Facepalm With These Five Messy Dishes

Give Manners the Facepalm With These Five Messy Dishes

If fancy, serious, romantic meals make you want to lose your lunch, opt out of the candlelit steakhouse meal this Friday and sink your teeth into something messy, suitable for fun-loving couples who've been together awhile or pals that are treating the evening like just another night. Because nothing says "I'm happy with my relationship status" like a face full of crumbs, sauce, and prawn brains.

Juicy Lucy at Whitmans, 406 East 9th Street, 212-228-8011 The Juicy Lucy, a Minnesota classic, is an inverted cheeseburger where the cheese is stuffed inside the patty. At Whitmans, take a bite of the short rib blend patty and be seduced by the squirting hot pimento cheese that shoots out of your burger. Sexy.

Blackened Head On Prawns at Strip House, 15 West 44th Street, 212-336-5454 If your date insists on going to a fancy steak house for the holiday, head to Strip House in Midtown and do your best to ruin the romantic red-hued atmosphere by ordering the blackened head-on prawns from the Valentine's Day menu. Break those critters in half and suck all the hot, melty brains out with as much slurping as possible.

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