Go Burger Is Now Going Strong on the Upper East Side

Go's Philly-style smashed burger.
Go's Philly-style smashed burger.
Darrell L./Yelp

Although we're still no closer to getting an In-N-Out Burger, New York does now have a Go Burger to its name.

The restaurant, an offshoot of BLT Burger, opened earlier today at 1448 Second Avenue, between East 75th and 76th streets. The menu is largely dedicated to burgers, Kobe beef hot dogs, fries, and milkshakes, including a variety of booze-infused shakes.

Go Burger already has a location in Los Angeles, and Yelpers there seem moderately impressed with the place, though one opined it should be called "No Burger" due to the signature offering being a "big, fat, bland 'BLEHHH.'" Others weren't pleased with the price, though if there's any place a $13 burger will fail to raise both eyebrows and indignation, it is, unfortunately, here.

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