Good Beer NYC Coming Soon to East 9th Street

Good Beer NYC Coming Soon to East 9th Street

If you're still recovering from Craft Beer Week, then you might want to avert your eyes: In two weeks' time, should all go according to plan, Good Beer NYC will open on East 9th Street.

While walking by earlier this afternoon, we happened to encounter the store/bar's owner, David, an amiable guy who told us that he'll be selling a fairly mind-blowing 900 varieties of beer. He's focusing on domestic brews with an emphasis on the Northeast, but he'll also carry a selection from countries like Belgium and Germany. Regardless of its origin, all of the beer will be craft beer -- Coors, Budweiser, and their dubious corporate ilk are not welcome here.

In addition to bottles there will be growlers, and the bar will have 12 beers on tap, accompanied by a selection of small plates. David's hoping to open on October 23, assuming he receives his SLA license in a timely fashion. Wait, an East Village establishment dedicated entirely to the sale of alcohol was able to get CB3's approval for a license? "I didn't have a problem -- I have early hours," David explained. Drinkers with similarly early hours are encouraged to make their way to 422 East 9th Street to partake.

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