GreenBox to Revolutionize Pizza; Bill Owens Hasn't 'Got Milk'

The GreenBox is a new pizza box that allows you to rip off the top and separate it into four plates, while the bottom folds in half and becomes a container for leftovers. The GreenBox was invented by William Walsh, who came up with the idea in college. [NY Daily News]

Certain "Smart Choices" aren't so smart, says Michael Jacobson of the Center for Science in the Public Interest. Corn Pops and Froot Loops, Kraft Strawberry Bagel-fuls, and Oscar Mayer Lunchables may feature the Smart Choice label, but aren't exactly healthy. [NPR]

Cadbury posted strong third-quarter sales figures, which may make it more expensive for Kraft to take over. Shares of Cadbury rose 0.2 percent on Wednesday to 800 pence on a broadly lower London market. Kraft has been planning a hostile takeover for months. [Wall Street Journal]

Bernie Madoff reportedly shares a cell with a 21-year-old drug dealer, and eats pizza prepared by a fellow inmate, who is serving time on child molestation charges. [Telegraph]

The dairy industry is upset with Democratic congressional candidate Bill Owens for using the slogan "Got milk?" in a political ad. Owens uses the phrase "got milk money" in an ad arguing that retail prices of milk are too high. [AP via Google]

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