Happy Birthday Ignition: Let's All Bounce, Bounce, Bounce to R. Kelly's 11 Best Food Lyrics

Bounce, bounce, bounce.
Bounce, bounce, bounce.

R. Kelly's "Ignition (Remix)" celebrated its 10th birthday yesterday (which means the crooner is probably giving the song a second look right about now -- sorry!). The tune was one of Kelly's best, and helped convince exhausted party-goers everywhere to hit the hotel lobby before going home.

In honor of this modern anthem, we've gathered 11 of our favorite R.Kelly food lyrics. Some of these are a stretch, as Kelly isn't known for his culinary prose, but for the man who shoots a mid-song nod to Angela Lansbury, we'll let it slide.

No more hopin' and wishin', here's the list.

11. Pregnant (Untitled, 2009): "Take you out to eat, wine and dine/Shoppin' spree, you sexin' me/See, I'm not cheap or selfish, babe/Girl, I'm just thirstin' for that booty, babe."

10. In the Kitchen (TP-3 Reloaded, 2005): "Cuttin' up tomatoes, fruits and vegetables and potatoes/Girl, you look so sexy while you're doin' the damn thing."

9. Sweet Tooth (Double Up, 2007): "I can't wait to drink your milk/You're lookin' like a big ol' piece of cake/I'm all up in your middle/Ooh it taste like Skittles/I'm just keepin' it real with you Girl/I got a sweet tooth."

8. Honey Love (Born Into the 90's, 1992): "You listen, just like a lollipop, you're so sweet, babe/And your body's like a lemon drop/Sure tastes good to me."

7. Etcetera (R., 1998): "Picture this you and me in the kitchen babe, on the counter/Feeding each other fruits babe."   6. R & B Thug (TP-2, 2000): "On the low, fruit bowls and whipped cream/We can get up on a fancy suite/Thugged out with some Hennessy/See, see, see/Lock your body up and throw away the key."

5. Don't Say No (TP-2, 2000): "At the Cheesecake with all of your friends and family/Who's gonna front the bill? Me/Valet your gator at the club plus buy you drinks/Who gon' show you love? Me/Spend lots of money winin' and dinin' in expensive suites."

4. Rock Star (Double Up, 2007): "And I'll, I'll lick ya, I'll lick ya down, you taste like cinnamon And I'll grab a little bit of that whip cream."

3. Sweet Tooth (Double Up, 2007): "Girl set the table, now let me feast/Strawberry shortcake with whipped cream I can taste it, my mouth is waterin' for you/Come here girl let me show you."

2. In the Kitchen (TP-3 Reloaded, 2005): Sex in the kitchen over by the stove/Put you on the counter by the buttered rolls/Hands on the table, on your tippy toes/We'll be making love like the restaurant was closed."

1. Ignition (Remix) (Chocolate Factory, 2003): "Hot and fresh out the kitchen/Mama rollin that body/Got every man in here wishin/Sippin on coke and rum/I'm like so what I'm drunk/It's the freakin weekend baby/I'm about to have me some fun."

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