Happy Hour at The JakeWalk in Carroll Gardens

The JakeWalk lets the sun shine in.
The JakeWalk lets the sun shine in.

If you drop by the JakeWalk in Carroll Gardens on a Monday or Tuesday around five, you can enjoy the first hour of its weekday 5-7 happy hour by yourself. To keep things simple, there's just one deal: $2 off everything. That means that The River, a cocktail of Applejack, white vermouth, Benedictine, and a dash of Angostura bitters, is $7 instead of $9. A glass of Austrian rosé is $8 instead of $10.

The scene...

You know you can trust a staff that takes such pleasure in its work that the slow hours of early evening are spent sampling the goods. On a recent evening, the bartender poured himself two fingers of white wine to taste, followed by a few sips of Madeira. He even tasted the housemade bitters. The heavy, barn-like doors were thrown open to let in the sun, something that might be a little too revealing for grimier bars. But in broad daylight, the JakeWalk is beautiful: dark wood bar, an ornate outsize mirror, bottles neatly lined up on the back bar, fresh tulips on the windowsill. Discounted drinks were paired with a selection of cheeses and a venison sausage sandwich. As customers began filing in and the sun began to set, the large barn-like doors were closed, and the candles lit for the night.

The JakeWalk 282 Smith Street, Brooklyn 347-599-0294

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