'Hard Shake' Inventor Comes to Town; Drink a Pickleback this St. Paddy's

The effects of the recent earthquake in Chile are still being felt across the wine industry, especially by smaller producers, many of which may go bankrupt. [Bloomberg]

Inventor of the "hard shake" Kazuo Uyeda will be in New York May 3 to lead a mixology seminar and promote the first English translation of his book Cocktail Techniques. [NY Times]

According to a recent study, drinking beer makes people more attractive to mosquitoes, which can increase their risk of contracting malaria in certain parts of the world. [PLoS ONE via Alcademics]

In an effort to stop the spread of the destructive European grapevine moth, 162 square miles of Napa Valley vineyards have been quarantined. [NY Times]

Forgo the green beer this St. Paddy's Day and opt for the nearly ubiquitous Pickleback, a shot of Irish whiskey followed by a chaser of pickle juice. [Washington Post]

A seminar at the International Food & Restaurant Show entitled, "The Bar Loves the Kitchen," focused on the importance of kitchen-bar communication to improve efficiency. [Inside F&B]

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