Hard-to-Spell Food Words, a List

Speling iz trickie -- especialy when u write bout food for a livving. Not only do you have to pen correctly the 250,000 or so words in the English language. Food and its lexicon are international, multilingual, and ever-evolving, meaning there are even more ways to make linguistic slips -- and to make an ass out of yourself in print.

Behold our collection of hard-to-spell food words, after the jump.

Robert Sietsema

macaron ziti bechamel allioli (Spanish aioli) lo mein parfait lasagna

Lauren Shockey

tlacoyos gruner veltliner soppressata pissaladière

Victoria Bekiempis

zucchini broccoli Parmigiano-Reggiano pierogi spumante okonomiyaki shakshuka sufganiyot

Lauren Bloomberg

Mediterranean (as in the cuisine) Colicchio (as in Tom) fettuccine

Brian Parks


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