Harrison's Taking Over Bowery Poetry Club Café; Expect 'Crap-Ton' of Roast Beef

Bovine on the Bowery?
Bovine on the Bowery?
Bowery Boogie

Following the relatively brief tenure of the Lower Eastside Girls Club's Celebrate Café, it seems the Bowery Poetry Club has found a new tenant to provide its patrons with sustenance: According to EV Grieve, who spoke with a partner in the deal, the space will soon serve roast beef sandwiches from Harrison's, a Massachusetts restaurant known for the black magic it works on bovine by-products. A Yelper sums up the appeal of the place thusly:

"The good thing about Harrison's sandwiches is that you get a metric crap-ton of roast beef in your sandwich. You also get a crap-ton of sauce to go, if you want it. Hence, you'll need a crap-ton of napkins, so grab some before you leave."

Alrighty! Seems that at the very least, quantity won't be an issue here -- though the quality will undoubtedly spark comparisons with that of This Little Piggy, also located in the neighborhood and selling its own gutbomb-worthy take on the roast beef sandwich.

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