Hate Mail for Vegetables

Hate Mail for Vegetables

This week in super specific Tumblrs, we present the petulant Fuck You, Broccoli. The growing collection of hate mail is written by a hardcore veggie hater: Kale, cabbage, cauliflower--no vegetable is safe from Fuck You's prolific displeasure!

On dear, poor, delicious artichokes:

Look, Artie. Judging on style alone, you're a ballsy motherfucker. Kudos for out-baroqueing asparagus while rivaling the prickly pear for sheer the fuck I'm supposed to eat thatedness. Extra points for somehow crossing all the parts of the pineapple that we don't eat, while choosing its least palatable color as your baseline. If you could be even a shade woodsier, you would look great at the bottom of a carved wooden bannister. From a purely architectural perspective, you've got it going on. But as something people are supposed to put in our mouths -- hell, no.

While we hate to see vegetables bullied -- we love them! they rule! -- the site is very funny.
via metafilter
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