Heat Maps Confirm Williamsburg Bars Serve Lots of PBR

Data startup Locu confirmed a long-standing hypothesis: Hipsters love Pabst Blue Ribbon, which until now was only thought to be a favored cheap brew. The menu management company analyzed data from more than one million venues and found which neighborhoods in San Francisco and New York City serve the most PBR and Bud Light. Some seriously warm spots on the PBR heat map (bottom) were in downtown Manhattan, and one particular Brooklyn neighborhood lit up like a Christmas tree: Williamsburg. (The good folks in Hoboken apparently love their PBR too.) The heat map representing Bud Light (top) has many more red zones, with most of Manhattan and more parts of Brooklyn and Queens. But there is definitely more PBR than Bud Light being served in Williamsburg -- as if we needed confirmation. [Locu]

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