High-End NYC Restaurateurs Complain About Surge of Lawsuits; Danny Meyer to Run Marathon Food Service

Outback Steakhouse co-founder Bob Basham is launching a quick-service chicken sandwich and salad chain called PDQ, which stands for Pretty Darn Quick, with eight to 10 restaurants planned on the East Coast. [Nation's Restaurant News]

Le Fooding took over a gallery in Chelsea this weekend for a pop-up restaurant starring 13 chefs from the U.S. and Europe. [AFP]

It's tough to be a high-end restaurateur in New York these days, says Joe Bastianich, what with all the "money-hungry lawyers" and "frivolous lawsuits." [NY Post]

Mark Bittman asks: Is junk food really cheaper? Mickey D's for a family of four costs about $28, he says, while you can roast a chicken with veggies, salad, and milk for $14. [NY Times]

Danny Meyer will run the food service at the marathon this year, which is to be held November 6. [Crain's]

Madécasse Chocolate, a Brooklyn-based company, is using high-end chocolate from Madagascar, despite the logistical difficulties of working with Africa. [Wall Street Journal]

Serendipity 3 celebrated the restaurant's 57th anniversary with its famous dessert, Frrrozen Hot Chocolate. [NY Post]

Supermarkets are getting rid of self-checkout because most people prefer to see a checkout person than use the DIY option, which can malfunction. [ABC News]

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