How to Make Candy Corn on the Cob

How to Make Candy Corn on the Cob
via Instructables

Looking to swap out those decorative gourds for a new centerpiece?

Check out this neat post on Instructables for a hack that turns candy corn and cookie dough into something resembling a real cob of corn. (No, it's not as beautiful as nature's glass gem corn that went viral earlier this year, but for waxy globs of corn syrup it sure is pretty.)

Other have tried to build the cob using cake icing and melted chocolate, but they've found little success. Alaskantomboy experimented with fondant and caramel before she figured it out: A tube of raw sugar-cookie dough would offer the ideal size, shape, and stickiness for the core.

Although it might be gross to actually eat the thing, it's a cute idea for a decoration and takes only a few minutes to make. Just watch out for cookie dough studded with chocolate chips you guys, because they "jeopardize the structural integrity" of the cob.

Via Foodiggity

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