Illegal Foods; When Allergy Tests Are Wrong

A number of kids diagnosed with food allergies using blood or skin tests might not be really allergic to those foods, according to experts. Skin-prick tests are slightly more predictive, but the best way to discover an allergy is to encounter the food (under a doctor's supervision). [Wall Street Journal]

Whole Foods CEO John Mackey voluntarily cut his salary to $1 as part of a turnaround effort. In 2009, his salary was valued at $653,671, up from $33,831 in 2008. [ABC News]

Citigroup CEO Vikram S. Pandit likes the fried chicken, collard greens, and mac and cheese from Sylvia's, as well as sushi from SushiAnn around the corner from his Midtown office. [NY Times]

Nearly one in five Americans didn't have enough money to buy food at some point last year. The number of hungry Americans rose during the recession, but dipped in 2009. [NY Times]

The Kings Plaza Diner is rumored to be closing, although not until after the owners open a sister restaurant at the former Retro 50s diner on Cropsey Avenue in Coney Island. [NY Post]

Dog and cat meat -- delicacies in China -- could be banned if new animal rights legislation passes. Those who eat either animal could be fined 5000 yuan ($816) and get jail time. [ via ColdMud]

Foods banned by the U.S. government include salumi (fancy European salami, prosciutto, and headcheese), fugu (puffer fish liver), and casu marzu (Sardinian "maggot cheese"). [Salon]

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