In California, the Happy Meal Goes the Way of the Dodo Bird; Donatella Arpaia Dons Chef's Whites

Santa Clara County, south of San Francisco, has decided to ban Happy Meal and other promotional toys that often accompany kids' meals at fast-food chains. [NY Times]

The recipe-testing battle between and Cook's Illustrated continues, and the results will be posted on Slate. [ABC News]

Donatella Arpaia is opening a new Neapolitan pizza restaurant and this time the Versace-sporting restaurateur will be the executive chef. [NY Times]

New Orleans is making a culinary comeback and Sam Sifton reveals his picks for the best places to experience it: August, Cochon, and Emeril's. [NY Times]

The Obama administration has banned two synthetic additives found in infant formula or baby foods certified as organic. [Washington Post]

Want some advice on where to lunch from a random group of New Yorkers? Tommy Hilfiger recommends Viand Coffee Shop, Donald Trump likes Trump Grill. [NY Post]

Socialite Cornelia Guest is debuting a line of chocolate-chip vegan cookies that she hopes to eventually sell to local bakeries, national retailers, and airlines. [Wall Street Journal]

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