In Food Art: Mia Brownell's 'Stomach Acid Dreams'

Still life from 'Stomach Acid Dreams.'
Still life from 'Stomach Acid Dreams.'
Mia Brownell

Artist Mia Brownell's upcoming solo show at Sloan Fine Art on the Lower East Side is entitled "Stomach Acid Dreams" and features paintings with images of food that seem to be in motion, as though through the cosmos of one's anatomy, and with titles like Still Life With Gastric Peptide.

Brownell told the art zine Hi-Fructose that the works are "a continuation of my interest in ideas about food. The paintings express my realization that the act of chewing food is an elaborate intersection between many things including self, body, body image, other species, agriculture, culture, industry (industrialized food complex) and biotechnology." It runs September 10 through October 16.

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