In Honor of the Republican National Convention: Motorhead's 'Eat the Rich'

Jump 4 the lyrics!

They say music is the food of love Let's see if you're hungry enough Take a bite, take another, just like a good boy would Get a sweet thing on the side Home cooking, homicide Side order could be your daughter, Finger lickin' good

Come on baby, eat the rich Put the bite on that son of a bitch Don't mess around, don't you give me no switch C'mon baby, eat the rich C'mon baby eat the rich

Sitting here in the restaurant Tell the waiter just what you want Is that the meat you wanted to eat? How would you ever know? Hash browns and bacon strips I like the way that you lick your lips No foolin' I can see you droolin' Feel the hunger grow


Eat you baby, you eat me Eat two baby, get one free Shetland pony, or extra pepperoni Just pick up the phone Eat Greek or eat Chinese Eat salad or scarf up grease You're on the shelf you eat yourself Come on and bite my bone

Repeat chorus Sitting there in your hired tuxedo You want to see my bacon torpedo

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