iPads Gain Popularity as POS; United Serves Healthiest Airline Food

The iPad is an increasingly popular tool restaurants employ as as part of their point-of-sale systems. [Nation's Restaurant News]

Kroger has recalled several brands of pet food in 19 states, because of possible aflatoxin contamination, which can cause sluggishness and diarrhea. [Bloomberg]

Some 75 percent of kids drinks caffeine, according to a new study. Tots as young as five to seven years old drink the equivalent of more than 16 ounces of Coke per day. [NY Daily News]

The food pantry St. John's Bread & Life has computers featuring touch-screens to select desired foods and card-swiping systems to deduct food-stamp points. [NY Times]

Meanwhile, the number of people on food stamps increased 16 percent over the last year, with some 14 percent of the population now using the program. [CNN]

A recent ranking of the healthfulness of airline food found that United Airlines had the healthiest food, followed by JetBlue Airways and American Airlines. [USA Today]

Paula Deen's former housekeeper accused of stealing jewelry from the Food Network star confessed in court to the charges and was sentenced to 18 months in prison. [NBC]

Food companies are pushing for more consumer-price inflation in the U.S., but consumers can't absorb the cost and so discounts persist. [Wall Street Journal]

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