"Irate" Ice Cream Mom Knows a Few Things About Sugar Pushing Herself

The mighty deep-fried Mars Bar
The mighty deep-fried Mars Bar

Yesterday's Times piece on the Mister Softee - Angry Mom turf war featured a few choice quotes from Vicki Sell, a Park Slope mom who described herself as "irate" over the ice cream man's presence in her 3-year-old daughter's otherwise bucolic playground. She blamed him for the "inconsolable meltdown" her kid had after being told she couldn't have a cone (Just. Say. No.), saying, "...it's really predatory for them -- two of them -- to be right inside the playground like this." She also mentioned, later in the article, that she and her husband run a restaurant in the neighborhood.

According to Gawker, that restaurant happens to be Chip Shop, the fish 'n' chips shrine that also has an impressive selection of deep-fried candy bars on its menu. Its two locations, in kid-centric Park Slope and Cobble Hill, also offer deep-fried Twinkies, banana chocolate sauce, and even an Atkins Diet bar. It's not unreasonable to assume that Sell might be accountable for a few inconsolable meltdowns herself. E tu, Brute?

[Via Eater]

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