Is Snoop-Endorsed Blast By Colt 45 the New Four Loko?; Why Wódka Is Winning

Love beer so much you want to lather with it? Brooklyn Brewery has teamed up with a Williamsburg soapsmith to make artisanal beer soap. [Brooklyn Paper]

The Cuba Libre is more than just a "rum and Coke." Add bitters, a splash of gin, and Key lime juice or Meyer lemon juice to kick yours up a notch. [Washington Post]

Blast by Colt 45, the fruity malt liquor created by Pabst and endorsed by Snoop, is the latest drink to be targeted by government officials since the Four Loko affair. [Adweek]

Meanwhile, Ghostface Killah has unwittingly lent his name to a new beer brewed with five different peppers, including the Bhut Jolokia, which is so hot it can be weaponized. [LA Times]

A new study reveals that having even a "modest" beer belly or muffin top can double the risk of dying from heart disease or stroke. [Daily Mail]

India and China are becoming the world's fastest-growing wine markets, but can one sell wine to the other? [Wall Street Journal]

Restaurant and bar owners are embracing Wódka and other brands in the growing affordable-luxury-vodka category. [BusinessWeek]

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