Jon Bon Jovi Launches Pay-What-You-Can Resto; Discover Authentic Mexican Food in Queens

The Institute of Medicine is calling for a law that requires food manufacturers to simplify the nutrition labels on their packaging. [NY Times]

Bagged salad sold in New York and other states has been recalled due to salmonella concerns. No reported illnesses as of yet, says the FDA. [NY Post]

After two years of planning, Jon Bon Jovi opens Soul Kitchen, a pay-what-you-can eatery in New Jersey. [Wall Street Journal]

Don't mess with Texas. Some Texas prisons are saying no to weekend lunches as a way to cut food costs, saving the state $2.8 million. [NY Times]

The farm behind the tainted cantaloupes that have killed 25 people so far apparently passed its food-safety inspection with flying colors just one week before the first person fell ill. [USA Today]

Two offbeat food tours of authentic Mexican and Central American food, described as "Mexican food made by Mexicans for Mexicans," take place at night in Queens. [Wall Street Journal]

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