Joseph Leonard Restaurant Fire: An Update

Joseph Leonard Restaurant Fire: An Update

A crew of six was busy at work today at Sheridan Square.

It's been almost a month since an early morning fire shuttered Sheridan Square's Joseph Leonard. We promised to keep an eye on the rehabilitation of the space as it progressed, so here's the first report.

Joseph Leonard Restaurant Fire: An Update

Another view of the ongoing work.

After several weeks of apparent idleness, work has begun in earnest. Today Fork in the Road spotted of crew of six working on the space. When we peeked in the door, there were all sorts of plastic-wrapped furniture and fixtures in the middle of the floor, and a guy just inside the door was busy polishing glasses, of which over 100 were arrayed before him on a table. Indeed, it seemed as though a good deal of progress was being made.

A call to sister restaurant Jeffrey's, just across the square (really more of a triangle), put us in touch, not with proprietor Gabe Stulman, but with one of his minions. When asked about the re-opening of Joseph Leonard, he replied, "It looks like we'll be finished sometime before New Year's. That's our plan, anyway."

We'll keep track and report any updates.

Joseph Leonard Restaurant Fire: An Update

The sign that went up over the boarded-up window post-conflagration.

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