Keith McNally Thinks Frank Bruni Isn't So Great, Either

Horrible! Silly! Bush apologist!
Horrible! Silly! Bush apologist!

The pissing match continues: Mere days after Frank Bruni told the world that he thinks Keith McNally is a "horrible man," McNally has informed the 25 people who actually care that he's not particularly fond of Bruni, either.

McNally emailed Eater to say that "little Frankie" is just "desperate for attention." And that he's "not sure" that being called names by "the person who wrote an entire book in praise of George W. Bush (Ambling Into History) is necessarily a bad thing." McNally also opines that the former Times critic's dis is "also extremely silly." Which could also be said of the specter of two grown men trading insults like boys in a sandbox.

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