KFC to Go Green with Reusable Packaging

Recycle your KFC.
Recycle your KFC.

KFC has announced it will be the first fast-food chain to introduce reusable food containers in early 2011. The container, which is used to hold sides like slaw and looks like a small Tupperware, has already won a 2010 Greener Package Award. It debuted in select markets earlier this year and will be available nationally next year.

The new container is part of a wider company initiative to reduce foam packaging use by 62 percent and plastic use by 17 percent. A new website the chain has launched called Reuse.Renew.Rejoice show images that suggest the container be reused to hold, say, paper clips or candy. While the effort to address waste is appreciated, we're not quite sure this makes up for KFC's various follies of the past year.

[BusinessWire via PSFK]

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