KFC's Double Down Sandwich Run Extended Through Summer; Urbanspoon to Launch Online Restaurant Reservation Service

Opentable.com is about to get some competition. Urbanspoon is hoping to snag its part of the online restaurant reservation market with a new launch today. [Wall Street Journal]

The Lion is the latest iconic West Village restaurant from the past to be revived to attract scenesters of the present, much like Minetta Tavern and Waverly Inn. [NY Times]

KFC has reportedly sold nearly 10 million Double Down sandwiches, leading the chain to extend the item's run on the menu through the summer. [Nation's Restaurant News]

Minami Satoh, owner of Japan Traditional Foods Inc., is hoping to get Americans to fall for his Megumi Natto: organic fermented soybeans. [Wall Street Journal]

Ground beef prices are on the rise, but fast-food chains like McDonald's and Burger King are reluctant to lower burger prices to offset costs. [Wall Street Journal]

Food cravings may be bad not just for your waistline, but also for your brain, according to a recent study. Researchers say it's better to give your brain a break and give in. [Daily Mail]

The number of kids with allergies to peanuts and nuts is on the rise. Three times more kids had allergies in 2008, compared with the numbers surveyed in 1997. [Reuters]

China is buying U.S. pork again -- not the hams and pork chops popular in the West, but the offal popular in the East. [Reuters]

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