'Koodie' Is Coined, Further Polluting Food Lexicon

Just when 'foodiot' had started to settle into the food lexicon's collective gut, so-called Supermarket Guru Phil Lempert has given us this bitter pill to swallow: koodie. His definition:

"Koodie -noun Slang. A kid keenly interested in food, especially eating, cooking or watching reruns of Julia Child. A kid who has an ardent or refined interest in food; a mini-gourmet; usually trained by one or both parents to have an unusual, and sometimes fanatic, desire to eat unusual foods. Evolution from the now defunct word "foodie"."

Wait, "foodie" is defunct? In what small and fortunate universe? And would any self-respecting child really want to be slapped with such a label, which sounds more like something that should be affixed to a line of plush toys? "Our children are our future," Lempert writes. So true. Let's give them a head start by letting them enjoy their European cheeses and chargrilled octopus in peace, shall we?

[Via Eat Me Daily]

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