Kraft Makes Hostile Bid for Cadbury; DNA Barcode Finds Bait & Switch in Fish Restaurants

Restaurateur Nello Balan is being accused of stealing staffers' tips, more than $100,000's worth a year. Ex-employees claim their tips went to Balan's daughter, his driver, and managers. Balan responded saying it was "totally false." [NY Post]

Kraft Foods has started making its hostile bid to take over British confectioner Cadbury. Shareholders have until Jan. 5 to accept the $17 billion offer, which is the same as a proposal outlined earlier this year that Cadbury said was not a fair price. [Bloomberg]

Researchers using a new DNA test dubbed a DNA barcode have found that fish ordered from menus in New York and Denver might not always be the species served. Diners were often served a cheaper substitute, an endangered species, or a fish deemed a health hazard. [Wall Street Journal]

Le Fooding's Alexandre Cammas expounds on why butter is better than olive oil, and the overall state of French cuisine: "There is no longer a French cuisine, but many cuisines more or less influenced and prepared by more or less French chefs." [Huffington Post]

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