Lady Gaga Wears Meat to MTV Awards; Corn Syrup Hoping to Change Name & Image

Michelle Obama addressed the NRA recently -- the National Restaurant Association, that is -- calling for increased efforts to fight childhood obesity. [Nation's Restaurant News]

U.S. Foodservice Inc., a food distribution company, agreed to pay $30 million to settle civil fraud charges that it falsely inflated food prices over a five-year period. [Wall Street Journal]

Lady Gaga wore the meat dress from her Japanese Vogue Hommes cover to the MTV Video Music Awards, but it was mostly made of cheap cuts, says a New York butcher. [NY Post]

Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution is now airing in the U.K. as Jamie's American Food Revolution. [Guardian]

The makers of high-fructose corn syrup want to change the product's image by changing its name to corn sugar. [AP]

Per Se is one of the restaurants that have started to serve dishes containing organic rose petals grown on farms in Ecuador's central highlands. [Reuters]

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