Learn How to Brew Beer in Five Minutes

Beer expert Charlie "the Pope of Foam" Bamforth explains the art and science of brewing beer in just five minutes. Bamforth is a serious beer buff -- the UC Davis professor teaches "Malting and Brewing Science" and filmed the video at the school's pilot brewery.

See Bamforth's tips after the jump.

1. The freshest beer is usually in a can because no light can get at it.

2. Oxygen makes beer go stale, and twist-off bottles might let air creep in.

3. When you go into a bar with 40 beers on tap, ask for the beer that's the most popular. The 10 least ordered kegs could be sitting there for months.

4. What do wine drinkers do while waiting for grapes to ferment? Drink beer.

5. "Pour with vigor."

[h/t BoingBoing]

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