LES's White Slab Palace Sued for Falling Moose Head

Moose's revenge: Look out below
Moose's revenge: Look out below
Melissa Mango for the Daily News

A woman has filed suit against White Slab Palace (where I had one of of my most abysmal meals this year), claiming that she was struck in the head by a taxidermied moose.

The Daily News reports that Raina Kumra alleges she was standing underneath the giant beast at about 1 a.m. on October 4th, when the 150-pound head dislodged and hit her, giving her a concussion and causing "lost cognitive skills and suffered chronic neck pain, fatigue, dizzy spells and anxiety from mounting medical expenses." No one from White Slab Palace has commented on the incident yet.

Meanwhile, a taxidermy specialist says that the animal is not a moose, but a caribou.

[Daily News]

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