Looking for the Perfect Blessing for Your Kosher Meal? There's an App for That.

iBless this food.
iBless this food.

So, you've just sat down for shabbat dinner and -- oy, gevalt! -- you forget the proper blessing for gefilte fish right in front of Bubbe. Or maybe you're an ambitious goy, G-d bless you, who wants to impress your significant other's devout family, but come show time, your nerves get the best of you. Well, here's the app for you. With the new iBless Food 1.0, you can quickly and easily access hundreds of Hebrew blessings traditionally recited before and after eating, including ones specifically for appetizers, mains, fruits, vegetables, snacks, and desserts right on your iPhone or iPad. iBless provides you with both the text and audio of the blessings, as well as additional information about the history and customs involved. Download it for the bargain price of $4.99.

[via Appmodo]

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