Lox Under Fire as Non-Kosher; Coffee's Third Wave Brought to You by Starbucks

A group of ultra-orthodox rabbis has deemed several types of fish, including wild salmon, treif or unfit to be called kosher because they can carry anisakis, tiny parasitic worms. [FOXNews]

Coffee's third wave is being led by roasters like Stumptown, Intelligentsia, and Counter Culture. But you have to admit that Starbucks paved the way. [Time]

The team behind the Oscar-winning documentary The Cove organized a sting operation to expose a Santa Monica sushi restaurant that serves whale. [NY Times]

New Yorkers headed outside in droves this past weekend, despite temperature that barely made it above 50, and restaurants accommodated them with outdoor seating. [NY Times]

An 18 percent tax on pizza and soda could reduce Americans' calorie intake enough to lower our average weight by 5 pounds per year, according to a new study. [Reuters]

McDonald's sales continue to trump Wendy's and Burger King's. As unemployment remains high, Mickey D's low prices give it an advantage over the competition. [BusinessWeek]

Caterer Peter Callahan is responsible for the mini foods trend, including mini mac-and-cheese cups, mini fries cones, and the ever-popular mini sirloin burger. [FOXNews]

Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe was hospitalized with food poisoning during a visit to New York. He was in town to support The Trevor Project, a gay suicide prevention group. [All Headline News]

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