Ma Peche Is Now Open, Fully Operational

Finally, the day that has fueled the hopes and dreams of so many a food blogger and midtown office worker has arrived.

Yes, Ma Peche is now open. Midtown Lunch has photos to prove it, as well as a daily schedule of the savory breads available at the restaurant's branch of the Milk Bar.

The Atlantic Food Channel already has an account of a friends and family lunch earlier this week that was attended by "epicurean luminaries" like "Martha and Mario and Ruth": "...the food is still great, in the high-brow-meets-low-brow way that has made Chang famous," the writer enthuses.

But forget the plaudits; naturally, the backlash has begun. "Oh god," wrote ML commenter stevenp. "Food bloggers rejoice and wet themselves over this week's/month's Kyochon. I would be ashamed to be an early adopter of this latest 'sensation.'"

High-brow-low-brow, shame, and wet undergarments: in other words, pretty much what you'd expect. Have a tip or restaurant-related news? Send it to

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Ma Peche

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