Ma Peche Stalking; Montreal Food Invasion

This week in food blogs...

Eater continued its plywood stalking of Ma Peche, now readying for a mid-April opening.

Grub Street found a wienermobile for sale on Craigslist for $12,900.

Diner's Journal learned that Colicchio & Sons, which went from prix-fixe to a la carte, is now doing a ton of business with its $125 tasting menu.

The Food Section caught a glimpse of Future Food, a new molecular cuisine cooking show-meets-Mythbusters.

The Atlantic Food Channel noticed that New York City is becoming a Mecca for Montreal foods.

Midtown Lunch reckoned that 57 Napoli's $6 pizza is kind of a letdown.

Eat Me Daily considered the problem with the gendering of food, as in recent articles on "hegans" and "femivores."

Feast discovered that the new space Gabriel Stulman was rumored to be checking out was actually just his friends' forthcoming clothing store.

Slice got excited about the first lady and daughters' visit to Grimladi's and the ensuing media hype.

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