Make George McKirdy's Sea Salt Lemonade, From Astor Bake Shop

Astor Bake Shop's Sea Salt Lemonade
Astor Bake Shop's Sea Salt Lemonade

Astor Bake Shop opened in Astoria at the start of the summer and is now gearing up to add a light brunch and dinner menu, as well as select wines and beers, liquor license pending. Chef-owner George McKirdy hopes to tempt you into visiting (and tempt the summer into staying just a little longer) with his recipe for lightly salted lemonade.

"The best lemonade I ever had was at the Dansbury Fair about 30 years ago," says McKirdy. "It took me forever to realize what made it so good. Salt! A small addition of salt just brightens the lemony taste. It also has a thirst quenching effect that regular lemonade doesn't. It's like a natural sports drink. Some like it saltier or sweeter than others, so just start off with a small amount of the base recipe and adjust it to your taste. It's easily made into the base for a margarita, too."

Sea Salt Lemonade


8 lemons 2 tablespoons sea salt 2 cups sugar

Cut the lemons into eighths, and in a bowl, toss with salt and sugar. Place the lemons in a mason jar for one to four weeks. In a large pitcher, combine the preserved lemons with one gallon of filtered water. Adjust with more lemon juice, sugar, salt, or water, to taste.

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Astor Bake Shop

12-23 Astoria Blvd.
Long Island City, NY 11102


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