Making Maple-Syrup Sno Cones With Real Snow

Making Maple-Syrup Sno Cones With Real Snow

A spoon, a bowl, and a jug of farmers' market maple syrup are all you need.

Quick! Before the dogs pee on it, go outside and gather snow to make maple sno-cones.

Look for the most pristine snow you can find and pack it in the bowl as though you were making a snowball. Dribble the maple syrup (make sure the lid is unstuck before you take it outside) over the snow, being somewhat gingerly with it, since a little goes a long way, flavorwise.

Nothing better for breakfast on a blizzardy day--and it's all organic. Add a little sea salt if you want to frustrate our snow-hating and salt-hating mayor. You can't get any more locavoric than gathering snow right outside your door--and then eating it.

Making Maple-Syrup Sno Cones With Real Snow

Maple sno-cones are gourmet treats you can only get one or two days out of the year, and then only for a few hours.

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