Mario Batali Accused of Labor Violations; The City's Best Restaurant Breads

The final episode of Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution on ABC had mediocre ratings, earning less less than 4 million viewers and losing to Dateline and a repeat of Medium. [NY Post]

Asian carp are reviled by fishermen in the North, but in the South, they're being rebranded as Kentucky tune: "a cross between scallops and crabmeat." [NY Times]

Californian fruit and vegetable farmers and restaurants throw out more than six millions of tons of food each year, which could go toward feeding the state's hungry. [Huffington Post]

Mario Batali is the latest high-profile target of a labor campaign spearheaded by worker advocacy group Restaurant Opportunities Center of New York over alleged violations. [Crain's]

Why did Ed Brown's Eighty-One, opened on the Upper West Side in February 2008, fail while Rohini Dey's At Vermilion, opened in Midtown months later, continues to succeed? [Crain's]

As demand for ethanol increases, farmers are forced to reduce livestock herd sizes, which may lead to the biggest hike in U.S. meat prices ever. [BusinessWeek]

A roundup of the best breads in the city includes Del Posto's with lardo, Applewood's with spreads like duck liver paté and black bean puree, and Blue Ribbon's wood-fired breads. [NY Post]

A cookbook of specialties from The Round Table circa 1940, entitled Spécialités de la Maison has been republished, featuring dishes like Tallulah Bankhead's fried chicken. [NY Post]

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