McDonald's to Launch All-Day Oatmeal; Japanese Get into Urban Farming

McDonald's has announced that it will roll out oatmeal on its all-day menu in January. Fruit & Maple Oatmeal will be available with or without brown sugar for $1.99. [Nation's Restaurant News]

A couple of the city's top caterers, including Bryan Calvert and Marc Murphy, offer recipes for holiday party foods. [NY Post]

Many restaurants will have to open on the Saturday of Christmas week, despite knowing it might dampen staff morale. [Nation's Restaurant News]

The Daily News only now discovers the super-spicy Nashville-style hothouse chicken at Bed-Stuy's Peaches HotHouse. [NY Daily News]

The Japanese are also getting into urban farming. Apparently, it's now getting trendy to rent farmland to tend to on the weekend. [LA Times]

Shocker: Eating chicken salad out of a can can make you sick. Some 72,000 pounds of canned chicken salad were recalled due to small plastic bits found inside. [CNN]

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