McSorley's, Shake Shack UES Earn 'C' Grades

A New York tradition ... of dirtiness.
A New York tradition ... of dirtiness.

The Post weighs in on the new round of health department letter grades with an article titled, "Several Elite Restaurants Graded Unclean." Turns out when a publication runs a photo of McSorley's Old Ale House (grade: C) alongside that headline, blogs like Grub Street are not gonna be the only ones who hammer you. The commenters are all over the Post for expecting an old-school watering hole like McSorley's to ace a cleanliness test: "WHY would you EAT at a place like McSorley's?.... DEATH WISH!" writes one.

Also on the list of sub-par students: Shake Shack Upper East Side comes in with a C (ouch!); Les Halles, Di Fara, Shun Lee, and the White Horse Tavern score B's; the Regency scores a C. Nothing some would consider "elite" in there, but so be it. If you'd like to see for yourself how your favorite eatery fared, head here.

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