McWeddings Are A Go in Hong Kong; Arby's Launches Angus Sandwich

Deep Blue Sushi at JetBlue's Terminal 5 at JFK made a list of the top 10 airport restaurants in the country, as named by Frommer's. [Frommer's]

Think the elderly are content just eating pablum? Apparently, many older gourmands flout their doctors' orders and eat whatever the hell they want. [NY Times]

In Hong Kong, the much-touted McDonald's McWeddings have begun. For $1,280, you get a "cake" made of stacked apple pies, gifts for guests, and invitation cards for 50. [NY Times]

Noma's René Redzepi says that getting farmers excited about becoming suppliers to his restaurant helped raise their self-esteem. [Wall Street Journal]

A New York company is recalling dried fish imported from China because it may be contaminated with Clostridium botulinum spores, which can cause botulism. [Food Safety News]

Arby's has introduced the first in a line of premium menu items: a sandwich made with medium-rare Angus beef for $4.99. [Nation's Restaurant News]

Lumière and db Bistro Moderne, two Daniel Boulud restaurants in Vancouver, are closing their doors this month. [Vancouver Sun]

Studies show that the five-second rule probably should be the zero-second rule. If there are bacteria on the floor, they will get on food no matter how briefly it sits there. [NY Times]

A pizzeria owner in Pennsylvania was caught placing a bag of mice in the bathroom of a rival pizza joint, and subsequently arrested for "food terrorism." [FOX News]

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