Meat Candy

I can't remember the last time I enjoyed something as much as the spicy pork jerky from K.L. Malaysia Beef Jerky (pictured left). The shop makes Malaysian-style jerkies that are fabricated from thinly sliced squares of meat, marinated in a sweet-spicy brew, and grilled for ten minutes over a grate, so that the meat dries out slightly and caramelizes around the edges. It isn't anything like the chewy, desiccated meat product we think of as jerky.

There are several varieties on offer: pork, spicy pork, beef, spicy beef, pork-shrimp and chicken. The pork is extremely tender and sweet, the beef is slightly tougher and a touch more savory. Pork-shrimp is awesome, a square composed of pork and shrimp that have been pounded together--it's not fishy, it just has an added funky depth. Spicy pork is my favorite, sweet-spicy and porky, like meat candy. I promise you, it's the culinary equivalent of crack--so delicious that I have become incapable of doing anything except sitting here and eating it.

All of the varieties are about $16 a pound.

K.L Malaysia Beef Jerky 95A Elizabeth Street 212-965-0796

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