Mediterranean Diet Falls Out of Favor with Mediterraneans; Why Big Macs Are Cheaper Than Whole Foods

Sure, the Mediterranean diet -- full of fruits, vegetables, fish, and nuts -- is healthy. But in the 16 Mediterranean countries that made it famous, people have abandoned it in favor of processed food that's full of fat, salt, and sugar. ABC News]

A paper in the new edition of the journal Science suggests that the destruction of top predators by humans has led to changes in the landscape and even wildfires. [USA Today]

Kraft, Coca-Cola, and Kellogg are among the big food corporations that have adopted new voluntary nutritional guidelines for foods advertised to kids. [Reuters]

The real reason Big Macs are cheaper than whole foods? Agribusinesses that fund lawmakers who subsidize commodities like corn and soy, which are key to unhealthy foods. [Salon]

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