Michael Huynh, Following a Brief Setback, Is at It Again

Huynh or Super Huynh?
Huynh or Super Huynh?
Steven Richter/Insatiablecritic.com

Although he's no longer involved with B Clinton, Michael Huynh is continuing full steam ahead with his colonization plans.

Diner's Journal reports that the empire-builder just signed a lease on a space next door to the Lexington Avenue branch of Baoguette and is planning to open "a bar and restaurant, a gastropub."

Huynh abandoned the B Clinton space after concluding that it was too small and expensive, and that he wouldn't be able to get a liquor license. As Eater initially reported, The restaurant has been taken over by Sean Scotese, a close associate of Huynh's, who will collaborate with the owners of the Thailand Cafe to open a Pan-Asian eatery called Eastern Alley.

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