Michelin Releases Its Best-Value NYC Restos; When a Bad Review Only Makes You Stronger

New research reveals that major river basins in Africa, Asia, and Latin America have enough water to meet food needs for the entire century. [Bloomberg]

In the wake of a rising death toll attributed to tainted cantaloupes, Costco's head of food safety spoke out against the cantaloupe industry. [NY Times]

The Michelin Guide has just released its best-value list of restaurants in New York, which includes Coppelia and Traif. [Bloomberg]

Restaurants like Pulino's, Fishtag, Nello, and Ninja each came back from bad reviews to be wildly successful. [NY Post]

A new study has found that women who drink coffee are less likely to become depressed -- and the more they drink, the more their risk of depression goes down. [CNN]

Wendy's has settled a lawsuit with its largest franchisee over equipment required for the new Dave's Hot 'N Juicy Cheeseburger. [Nation's Restaurants News]

A kosher Subway in Los Angeles has proved less successful than expected. Could it be the absence of the Five-Dollar Footlong? [Wall Street Journal]

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